The Art of Seasoning / Dec 2012 / Jimbo Crimbo / SWG3 Glasgow


The Art of Seasoning, Live Performance featuring music composed and played by Ross McCrae
at SWG3 as part of Jimbo Crimbo hosted by The Art School, Glasgow.
The Art of Seasoning

what is seasoning?

Seasoning is about improving the flavour of your food mostly via

the addition of salt and pepper. Although herbs, spices, sweet

things and acidic things can also be considered seasoning, we’ll

focus on salt and pepper for today.

how do I go about seasoning a dish?

There are two main times to think about seasoning – the beginning

and the end. For slow cooked dishes it’s a good idea to get some

salt in early so it can spread through the whole dish over time. For

most other things seasoning at the end is the best way to go.

Before you serve, have a little taste of your dish and ask yourself

these questions:

i. Does this taste delicious as is? Or are the flavours a little dull?

ii. Would it taste (even) better with some salt and pepper?

If you’re a little unsure, you can take out a little sample and add

some salt and pepper to it. Taste and compare to the original. If it

tastes better, add salt to the dish. If not then you’re ready to serve.

It’s all about backing yourself and trusting your judgement.

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